Posted On: December 15, 2012 by Patrick A. Malone

Helping Kids Cope with the Unspeakable

Save the Children, one of my favorite charities, is headquartered just 20 miles from Newtown, Connecticut. In this time of sorrow, it's published a practical list of ten things adults can do to help kids cope. Read the whole list and details on Save the Children's web site. Here's the abbreviated list:

Limit television time.
Listen to your children carefully.
Give reassurance.
Be alert for significant changes in behavior.
Understand children's unique needs.
Give your children extra time and attention.
Be a model for your children -- they will learn from your behavior.
Watch your own behavior and make a point of being sensitive to the crisis.
Help children return to a normal routine.
Encourage volunteer work -- doing something for others.

School violence happens often enough that this is a topic we've already covered in this blog, in a good Q&A last March, that you can read here. It also includes a list of warning signals that a child might have violence in their future.

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